Summit Handouts

2019 PTACC National Pre-Arrest Diversion Conference Handouts

To view presentations and resources from the 2019 Conference, click on any of the links below:

PTACC – History of Deflection and Pre-Arrest Diversion

Pretrial Justice Institute Overview

IACP: Policing in Vulnerable Populations

Walker County, Alabama – Mercy Project

A Veteran’s Voice

Rashad K. Saafir, PhD

Blue Earth County and the Yellow Line Project

Phil Claussen
Angie Youngerberg
Matt DuRose

Welcome and Introduction to the Five Pathways

Jac Charlier

Examples from the Field

Jac Charlier
Allie Hunter
Dan Meloy
Tom Olk
Michelle Webb
Fred Ryan

The Necessity of Data Collection – Demonstrating the Impact of Your Deflection and Pre-Arrest Diversion Efforts on Your Community

Al Kopak, PhD
Dan Meloy
Tom Olk

Critical Barriers to Developing and/or Implementing a Pre-Arrest Diversion Program

Arthur Rizer
Brian Stettin
Lars Trautman
Bob Trojan

Tuesday Morning Keynote Address

Brandee Izquierdo, MPA, CPRS

Connecting the Dots … Opioid Use and Neuroscience: Implications for our Treatment System

Pamela Petersen-Baston, MPA, MCAP, CPP

When Deflection and Pre-Arrest Diversion Includes Children and Families

Sis Wenger
Liz Olszewski

Meeting the Housing Needs of the Deflection and Pre-Arrest Diversion Population: Connecting with the Homeless and Recovery Housing Continuums

Kim Keaton
Rexanah Wyse, Esq

Narrowing the Justice Net: How the CIT Model can Support Mental Health, Deflection and Pre-Arrest Diversion

Carol Speed
Amy Watson, PhD

Deflection and Pre-Arrest Diversion: Implementation, Process Evaluation and Community Collaboration to Address the Opioid Epidemic

Kevin Hall

Unique Strategies and Approaches in Engaging Women in Deflection and Pre-Arrest Diversion & Treatment – Starting at the Street Level

Leslie Balonick, MA, CRADC
Erin Pressel, MA., MBA, CCJP, CCDP
Debora Black

“State of the State” and Closing Remarks

Jack O’Donnell
Jac Charlier

2018 PTACC National Pre-Arrest Diversion Conference Handouts

To view presentations from the 2018 Conference, click on any of the links below:

Assisted Outpatient Treatment as Intercept Zero – Snook

Engaging People with Lived Experience in Planning and Expanding Community Engagement – Dembner

From Justice to Treatment Changing Outcomes for Those with Serious Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders – McCance-Katz

Health Outcomes in Pre-Arrest Diversion – Firesheets

Housing First Model – Keaton

Learning About Critical Issues The Importance of Core Measures in Diversion – Taxman

National Standards for Peer Recovery Support Services – Metcalf

Neuroscience for Non-scientists – Barthwell

Reforming the Front-End of the Criminal Justice System – Olk

Warm Handoff Policies – Barnes

Voluntary Self-Referral – McDade

Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder To MAT or Not to MAT – Barthwell

To Protect and Serve Shifting Organizational Culture to Confront Crisis – Sauschuck

The Straight and Narrow Bottom Line Law and Ethics Related to Third-Party Payment – Barnes

The Role of the Prosecutor and Defender in Pre-Arrest Diversion – LaBahn

The Role of Community in Successful Pre-Arrest Diversion – Dembner and De La Rosa

The Children and Families Caught in Americas Addiction Epidemic – Wenger


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