Strategy Areas

Leadership Strategy Area:Team that focuses on the big picture — partnerships, resources, roles, messaging, policy, and strategy.

Treatment, Housing and Recovery Strategy Area: Practitioners from treatment, mental health, and social service providers, who develop resources on emerging promising practices regarding working with diverted individuals.

Public Safety Strategy Area: Law enforcement and other criminal justice stakeholders who share information, innovations, and lessons learned, and also develop resources for the field.

Community, Diversity and Equity Strategy Area: Local community leaders, residents, advocates, family members, and people with lived experience who apply their voices, knowledge, and perspectives to program implementation, with a strong focus on parity across all demographics.

Research Strategy Area: Researchers in academia; federal, state, and local government; and the justice community interested in developing standard metrics for researching and evaluating pre-arrest diversion programs.

Public Policy and Legislation Strategy Area: Team that advances this topic in the civic space by helping to track and develop local-, state-, and federal-level legislation and policy on pre-arrest diversion, including planning, implementation, funding, and evaluation. This team translates the efforts of all of the other strategy areas into policy and law.

Special Populations Strategy Area: Coming soon.