2019 PTACC Conference

2nd Annual PTACC Training Conference

November 10 – 13, 2019
Ponte Vedra, FL


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Seeding Pre-Arrest Deflection/Interventions Across the United States


This training and technical assistance conference is the second of two annual conferences devoted to the development and support of pre-arrest deflection (PAD) efforts across the United States, and building the treatment and funding capacity to sustain them. The first year featured work force development for 30 or more jurisdictions from around the nation led by members of the Police, Treatment, and Community (PTACC) Collaborative as well as peers from the fields of law enforcement, behavioral health and social services, research, and community advocacy.

During year two, (if funding allows) PTACC members will continue working with participating sites to help start or enhance their PAD efforts, including planning, implementation, evaluating, messaging, treatment bridging, building treatment capacity, etc.

Who Should Attend?
This conference is designed for teams of practitioners from communities looking to explore, develop, or expand pre-arrest deflection efforts. Teams should have the capacity to engage completely in the technical assistance and peer learning activities offered during the conference, include at least one representative each from law enforcement, behavioral health and/or social services, and a community partner or advocacy group. Other participants could include a research partner, elected official/high-level decision-maker, other criminal justice stakeholder (e.g., judge or prosecutor).


Conference Goals
The goal for the conference is to guide teams as they plan and develop pre-arrest deflection programs to implement in their communities/jurisdictions. Attendees will also benefit from the opportunity to meet and share knowledge with peers from across the country in variety of fields.


Goals for 2019 Conference: Year Two
Attendees from Year One who implemented their plans will be invited to present at the 2019 conference: The Field Informing the Field. The 2019 conference will also be open to teams from new jurisdictions wanting TA to develop PAD initiatives.


Below you’ll find articles and websites with more information on PTACC’s background as well as information on pre-arrest deflection and deflection. Simply follow the links to be taken to the appropriate information.


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  • Thursday CALENDAR INVITE to the Children & Families Strategy Group- Teleconference: Today, August 15th at 11 AM ET/… https://t.co/k8rKywQ0vq
  • Thursday CALENDAR INVITE to the Children & Families Strategy Group- Teleconference: Today, August 15th at 11 AM ET/… https://t.co/kdfJKpec7c
  • **MONDAY CALENDAR REMINDER: Community, Diversity, and Equity Teleconference CANCELLED - Today, August 12th -… https://t.co/mtToNi4PAB