2022 PTACC Deflection and Pre-Arrest Diversion Training Summit

COVID-19 Updates

Dear Colleagues:

It is with great reluctance that the PTACC Executive Committee has made the difficult decision to postpone the PTACC Training Summit scheduled for October 12 – 15 in Chicago. This decision was made out of an abundance of caution in response to the upsurge in COVID-19 cases caused by the Delta variant. While we were excited and gratified by the initial enthusiastic response to this year’s PTACC deflection training summit when registration opened, many potential attendees subsequently have been prohibited from traveling by their agencies or DOJ travel restrictions due to the increase in COVID cases over the last 60 days. In summary, it is not possible at this time to hold an event at which all summit attendees would feel comfortable attending.

The good news is that we have developed a superb program that will only improve with time as summit organizers continue to shape the agenda, and the field of deflection continues its rapid growth. In addition, we are optimistic that as early as December or January, a vaccine will be available for children under the age of 12 that will help to bring down transmission of the virus. Also, in light of the fact that the federal government and several other state, local, and private employers have either mandated that their employees get vaccinated or provided financial incentives, we feel strongly that DOJ will lift their ban on grant-funded travel, so we are working with the Renaissance to reschedule the summit for the spring of 2022.

If you have already registered for the summit, we will credit your registration to the 2022 PTACC Training Summit. If you would rather request a refund, please do so by emailing accounting@ptaccollaborative.org by September 30.

Please reach out with any questions, and as always, keep up the outstanding work you do on behalf of the field.

The Police, Treatment, and Community Collaborative—the national voice of the field of deflection and pre-arrest diversion—invites you to attend its 2022 Deflection and Pre-Arrest Diversion Training Summit in Chicago, Illinois.

The emerging field of deflection and pre-arrest diversion provides an opportunity for public safety practitioners to collaborate with the public health system to create community-based pathways to treatment and services for people with substance use disorders (SUDs), mental health disorders (MHDs), or both, and who often have other service needs, without entry into the justice system.

This summit—the only one of its kind—will provide the opportunity for individuals, teams, organizations, and community leaders to come together through cross-sector collaboration to learn about, develop, and enhance deflection and pre-arrest diversion initiatives that best address the needs of their communities.

Given the record number of lives lost to overdoses over the last year and the danger to people with mental illness during encounters with law enforcement, there has never been a more essential time for first responders, behavioral health, and the community to work together to ensure access to treatment and services for people with SUDs and MHDs.

Summit Goals

This summit has two major goals. The first is to provide information on topics of importance regarding deflection and pre-arrest diversion through plenary sessions and over 25 breakout and workshop sessions to equip individuals and teams with concrete practical knowledge and solutions they can take back to their jurisdictions. Topics will include (but not be limited to) integration of multiple systems to create community-based interventions; how to make deflection initiatives sustainable; outreach to and engagement with different communities, including communities of color, the recovery community, the faith community, and the business community; how to get officer buy-in for deflection programs; and how to work toward inclusion and equity in both the justice and health systems. New topics this year will include community responder programs and fire/EMS-led diversion programs.

The second goal of the summit is to train multi-disciplinary teams from city, county, and tribal jurisdictions that want to start or enhance deflection or pre-arrest diversion programs. The PTACC Summit brings together practitioners from public safety (law enforcement, fire, and EMS), behavioral health, treatment, social services, community advocacy, public policy, and research to provide training on how to launch or enhance a deflection program that can help to reduce overdose deaths, steer people with substance use disorders or mental illness into treatment and reduce the collateral consequences that can result from entering the justice system. On the second full day of the summit, while the summit continues for other attendees, these teams will start facilitated action planning that will lead to the development of individually tailored programs for their jurisdictions.

Who Should Attend

This summit is for individuals and teams who work in deflection and pre-arrest diversion and want to better understand issues and topics related to this emerging field, or community leaders who want to create collaborative public health solutions to public safety problems being faced by their communities.

Registration Fees & Hotel Information

For registration fees and summit policy information, visit the registration fees page. For cost and room reservation information at the Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel, visit the hotel page.

Below you’ll find more information on PTACC’s mission and history, as well as information on deflection and pre-arrest diversion.

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