Leadership Strategy Area

Leadership Strategy Area

The PTACC Leadership Workgroup guides and oversees the mission, vision, goals, and national strategy of the collaborative, as well as the planning of conferences, trainings, and other events. Comprised of practitioners in criminal justice, behavioral health, research, advocacy, and public policy, as well as community leaders and stakeholders from around the nation, the work group works vigorously to field requests for technical assistance, maintains open and transparent communications around the priorities and values of PTACC, and promotes the external messaging and presence of the group through outreach to leaders in government agencies (federal, state, local, and tribal) and both national and community-based entities and media contacts. Through this national outreach, the work group recruits new collaborators and determines what strategy areas are needed to further the overall mission, vision, and strategy of PTACC.  Finally, to carry out its mission and purpose, the Leadership Workgroup identifies funding opportunities both for the group and appropriate individual partners within the group.

The Communications Workgroup maintains the website, authors the PTAC newsletter, and in conjunction with the Leadership Workgroup, oversees public relations for PTAC through media outreach and social media, including Twitter. The goal of this workgroup is to further the mission of PTAC through dissemination of resources, information, and materials to stakeholders across the country, including law enforcement, behavioral and mental health practitioners, treatment and social service providers, policy makers, researchers, and community members.

The Communications Workgroup is actively looking to expand our membership, if you are interested, please click here!

The Conferences and Events Workgroup plans PTACC events across the nation. The goal is to plan events that both offer high-quality presentations and training, as well as encourage peer-to-peer exchange of information on pre-arrest diversion (PAD).

Upcoming Events

Join us for the 2nd Annual Police, Treatment, and Community Collaborative (PTACC) conference, March 3-6, 2019, at the Sawgrass Marriott in Ponte Vedra, FL. The PTACC conference is designed for teams of practitioners representing law enforcement and other components of the criminal justice system, behavioral and public health, community advocacy, and local government, to work together to prevent overdose deaths and divert people with substance use disorders and mental illnesses, as well as low-risk offenders, away from the justice system and into treatment. The conference features in-depth workshops and discussions on how jurisdictions can launch or enhance their pre-arrest diversion programs, and offers subject matter experts and tools to help jurisdictions develop actionable implementation plans specific to their needs.

This training and technical assistance conference is the second of two planned annual conferences devoted to the development and support of pre-arrest diversion efforts across the United States, and building the treatment and funding capacity to sustain them. The first conference featured work force development for teams from over 30 jurisdictions from around the nation. PTACC members led the teams through two-and-a-half days of presentations and hands-on goal setting, decision-making, and planning, which resulted in actionable plans for implementing pre-arrest diversion programs in their communities.

At the upcoming conference, PTAC members will continue working with participating sites to help start or enhance their PAD efforts, including planning, implementation, evaluating, messaging, bridging to treatment, building treatment capacity, etc. In addition to the training and technical assistance provided by PTACC, this conference will feature status updates and report-outs from site team members who attended the first conference—the field leading the field in implementing pre-arrest diversion across the United States.

Who Should Attend? This conference is designed for teams of practitioners from communities looking to explore, develop, or expand pre-arrest diversion efforts. Teams should have the capacity to engage completely in the technical assistance and peer learning activities offered during the conference, and include at least one representative each from law enforcement, behavioral health and/or social services, and a community partner or advocacy group. Individuals are welcome and invited to learn about PAD options and develop networks to support them in their journey.

Conference Goals: The goal for the conference is to provide training and technical assistance to teams who seek to plan and implement pre-arrest diversion programs in their communities/jurisdictions. Attendees will also benefit from the opportunity to meet and share knowledge with peers from across the country in variety of fields.