2023 PTACC Training Summit Scholarships

2023 PTACC Deflection & Pre-Arrest Diversion Training Summit Scholarships

The Police, Treatment, and Community Collaborative (PTACC) will hold their 4th Annual Training Summit October 3-6, 2023 in Denver, Colorado, on the development and support of deflection and pre-arrest diversion (PAD) initiatives.

This event will bring together practitioners including first responders (law enforcement, fire, and EMS), and from the justice system, behavioral health, community advocacy, public policy, and research fields to provide training through a solutions action planning process on how to develop or enhance deflection or pre-arrest diversion programs that can help to reduce overdose deaths, link people with substance use or mental health disorders to treatment and services, and reduce the collateral consequences that can result from entering the justice system. Attendees will also benefit from the opportunity to meet and share knowledge with their peers from across the country.

With generous support from PTACC National Partners, the scholarship program will fund a limited number of teams. The PTACC scholarship will reimburse up to $1200 total per person for the cost of up to four hotel room nights (room nights only, no parking, upgrades or incidentals) and travel expenses for up to four team members to attend the summit. Teams will be responsible for paying for their own registrations*, as well as paying for transportation and hotel rooms in advance.

**Registration fees help to offset the costs of the conference, including meals, breaks, printed materials, and A/V expenses. Registration is $325 per person (early bird rate through April 30) and $375 starting June 1.

What are deflection and pre-arrest diversion?

Deflection and pre-arrest diversion are two sides of the same coin- they are complementary parts of a systems approach at the intersection of first responders, SUD and MHD treatment, recovery support, and community.

Deflection is the practice by which law enforcement or other first responders (i.e., fire and EMS) connect individuals to community-based treatment and/or services when arrest would not have been necessary or permitted, or in lieu of taking no action when issues of addiction, mental health, and/or other need are present. Deflection is performed without fear by the individual that if they do not “accept the deflection” they will subsequently be arrested.

Pre-arrest diversion is the practice by which law enforcement officers connect individuals who otherwise would have been eligible for criminal charges to community- based treatment and/or services in lieu of arrest, thereby diverting them from the justice system into the community. Some pre-arrest diversion programs have policies that mandate holding charges in abeyance until treatment or other requirements, such as restitution or community service, are completed, at which time the charges are dropped. Although pre-arrest diversion is facilitated by justice system stakeholders (usually police and sheriffs but sometimes prosecutors or a local government agency), clients are diverted to community-based services.

Training Summit Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible, teams must:

  • Include multidisciplinary members representing:1)First responders (law enforcement, fire, or EMS) – REQUIRED, 2) behavioral health – REQUIRED, 3)peer recovery, 4) social services (i.e., children & family, housing, vocational, and other wrap-around services), 5) community partners (i.e., advocacy groups, business community, faith community, libraries), 6) the justice system, 7) research and program evaluation (highly recommended*), or 8)elected and appointed officials.
  • Have the capacity and willingness to attend the entire event and engage in the full solutions action planning process (Tuesday through Friday), and other peer learning activities offered during the conference.
  • Be available to complete and submit a pre-conference needs assessment evaluation to help guide facilitators.
  • Be available to participate in a pre-training summit webinar(s) that will introduce the solutions action planning process.
  • Pay the travel expenses for each team member.
  • Pay for all related expenses for additional team members (beyond the 3 to 4 receiving the scholarship).
  • Review and agree to the PTACC scholarship policy.

*Team members representing first responder and behavioral health partners must attend the conference and participate in the solutions action planning process as part of the team to be eligible for the summit scholarship.

There will be two rounds of scholarships awarded. The first round of scholarships are designated for two teams and one individual. The second round of scholarships are designated for three teams.

Application Process

To apply for funding available for five teams and one individual, the deadline to submit the attached form to Peria Duncan (peria.duncan@civilcitation.com) is by 5:00 pm ET on July 7, 2023.

For questions or additional information, contact Peria by email (peria.duncan@civilcitation.com)